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To start building your quest, you can use the quest template. Just click Use this template.

Quest Structure

Every uploaded quest must have the following components:

  • A file called quest.yml that configures the metadata of the quest
  • An assets folder with cover and logo images → Assets
  • A steps folder with a yaml file for each step → Steps

In addition, a tests folder can be added with test files to be used by the steps. → Tests
├── quest.yml
├── assets
│   ├── cover.jpeg
│   └── logo.svg
├── steps
│   ├── <step_id_1>.yml
│   ├── <step_id_2>.yml
│   ├── ...
│   └── <step_id_n>.yml
└── tests
    ├── <test_file_name_1>
    ├── <test_file_name_2>
    ├── ...
    └── <test_file_name_n>


This is a mandatory file that must be placed at the root of the zip archive’s structure. This file defines the metadata of the quest:

id: a unique quest identifier. Should not change. 3-50 characters, must begin with a letter. Accepted characters are A-Z, a-z, 0-9, and "_" | mandatory
title: Quest title. 2-80 characters. All characters are accepted. "Funnel Drop" in the sample below | mandatory
description: Quest description. All characters are accepted. "What's worse.." in the sample below | mandatory 
summary: Quest summary, shown when users finish the quest | mandatory 
slogan: Quest slogan. 2-1000 characters. "It's time for.." in the sample below | mandatory
level: Quest level. beginner/intermediate/advance | mandatory
duration: Estimated number of hours required to finish the quest | mandatory
repository: The user's repo will be initialized to this repository when a quest starts. e.g. | optional
shouldResetRepo: Whether the user's repo will be reset to specific code, set it to false when the quest is not involving any code | optional
resources: A list of resources that should be avaiable to the user when quest begins | optional 
- resource_1
- resource_2
- ...
- resource_n
steps: List of all quest step ids | mandatory
- step_id_1
- step_id_2
- ...
- step_id_n
skills: List of skills the user will work on when playing the quest | mandatory
- skill_1
- skill_2
- ...
- skill_n
questDependency: Quest that must be complete before playing this quest | optional
frameworks: frameworks this quest will be abailable in | optional
  - python
  - node
  - react

Start Repository

Supported Skills

Quest Resources

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