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Category: Network Description: Generate HTTP traffic on a specified URL Type: Action


Type: action

Run HTTP requests on a specific URL. This action is used to load a server with large number of requests in a short period of time. The action uses autocannon.


  • duration: The number of seconds to run the autocannon. The maximal allowed duration is 1800 seconds (30 minutes)
  • connections: The number of concurrent connections to use. The maximal number of allowed connections is 50.
  • url: HTTP or HTTPS URL
  • requests: A list of reqests to send


No additional info is added to the global payload outputs.

Usage Example

- actionId: network_http_load
    url: ${user.K8sBackendUrl}
    connections: 5
    duration: 1200
    - /api/items?limit=100&offset=0
    - /api/tags
    - /api/items/item-74-hn25x0
    - /api/items/item-74-hn25x0/comments
    - /api/profiles/user74
    - /api/items?seller=user74&limit=100&offset=0

In this example we run a list of requests on the user’s Anythink backend server. The requests are sent using 5 concurrent connections for 1200 seconds.

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