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This is a mandatory folder containing a file for each step defined in quest.yml file. There are no rules regarding the file names.

id: Step id as specified in quest.yml file | mandatory
learning objectives: Bulletpoints stating what users will learn to do in the quest. At least one bullet per step, 80 character limit | mandatory
- learning_objective_1
- learning_objective_2
- ...
hints: List of hints to give the user when they are stuck | optional
- hint_1
- hint_2
- ...
- hint_n
startFlow: Flow node logic to execute when the step begins | optional
trigger: Trigger type and flow node logic. Each step has one trigger | mandatory
  type: Type of trigger (user action) the step waits for
  flowNode: Flow node logic to execute when user perform the action | mandatory
githubAction: Github Actions configuration to run in opened PRs | optional
solution: Flow node logic to execute when a user requests a solution | optional

Default Steps

A quest that requires a GitHub repository will automatically include the default step codespace_start_docker_compose at the beginning. This step prompts users to open their codespace and run docker compose up to start their application. If you prefer, you can manually add this step in a different order. For example:

  - load_data
  - create_index
  - codespace_start_docker_compose
  - chat_server

Additional Resources