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This is a mandatory folder containing a file for each step defined in quest.yml file. There are no rules regarding the file names.

id: Step id as specified in quest.yml file | mandatory
learning objectives: Bulletpoints stating what users will learn to do in the quest. At least one bullet per step, 80 character limit | mandatory
- learning_objective_1
- learning_objective_2
- ...
hints: List of hints to give the user when they are stuck | optional
- hint_1
- hint_2
- ...
- hint_n
startFlow: Flow node logic to execute when the step begins | optional
trigger: Trigger type and flow node logic. Each step has one trigger | mandatory
  type: Type of trigger (user action) the step waits for
  flowNode: Flow node logic to execute when user perform the action | mandatory
githubAction: Github Actions configuration to run in opened PRs | optional
solution: Flow node logic to execute when a user requests a solution | optional

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