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Type: Action

Sends a message to the user on behalf of one of the bots.


  • person: The name of the bot. e.g., keen or lucca.
  • messages: A list of messages, each contains text and delay. The latter is optional, and means the time it would take a real person to write this message. The message Bot is typing… will be presented in Snack during this time. If delay not specified, a value will be calculated according to the text length.

    Text Formatting

  • components A list of message components, which allows you to add interactivity to your communication.

    Message Components


No additional info is added to the global payload outputs.

Usage Example

  - actionId: bot_message
      person: keen
      - text: "![]("
        delay: 0
      - text: Hey again!
        delay: 1500
      - text: I know that things might feel a bit overwhelming when you start a new
        delay: 2500
      - text: "So, to help familiarize you with your new work environment, I was thinking
          that maybe you first should set it up."
        delay: 3000
      - text: Just **let me know once you’re ready** to start your first task!
        delay: 5000

The action bot_message is used to send instructions from the bot keen to the user.

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