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Quest Submission Checklist


  • Quest consists of 2-5 steps
  • Order of steps is logical
  • Quest overview README is included with the submission
  • All contributors are listed in the README file (Full name and Email adress)
  • Textbook solution is included with the submission
  • Link to the Github repo where the quest is located is included in the README file

Quest Design and Functionality

  • Learning objectives are clear
  • Scenario makes sense
  • Hints are provided
  • All files/resources needed to complete the quest have been provided
  • Description and summary fit the quest content
  • Selected Level is appropriate for the complexity of the quest
  • Skills correlate w/ quest content
  • Following the provided textbook solution, we are able to complete the quest in the testing environment
  • Links/Images/GIFs work
  • Quest does not require sign-up to any platforms that users need to pay/ provide credit card/personal information to use
  • PR steps have adequate checks/tests to verify that users have done the step correctly
  • Sufficient feedback is provided to users at the end of each step


  • Instructions in each step are worded clearly and marked appropriately
  • No spelling or grammatical errors (we recommend using Grammarly and Wordtune)
  • Acronyms are written out the first time they are used
  • Code/commands are properly marked as such
  • No offensive language


  • Cover image adhere to Graphics Design Guidelines
  • Cover image file is named Cover
  • Cover use supported file types: png|jpg|jpeg|svg