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The Quest Creation Process

  1. Create a new repository by going to the quest template and clicking the “use this template” button. This template is a clone of the “Funnel Drop” quest and is fully playable as-is.
  2. Update the files to support your new quest, following the quest development guidelines
    • Use the documentation to modify the quest metadata and the logic of the steps (See the Building Your Quest section).
    • Make sure to modify the id in quest.yml and specify a unique quest identifier.
  3. Upload your quest to Wilco and test it in Snack (See [Uploading and Testing Your Quest] section).
  4. When the quest is ready, click the submit for review button. Check out the Review Process and Submission Guidelines for more details.
  5. Once a quest is approved, it will automatically be published to the Wilco Quest Catalog and become available to all Wilco users.

💡 To publish a quest only to users from your company, you’ll need Wilco for Teams. Learn more here.