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The Quest Creation Process

  1. Create a new repository by going to the quest template and clicking the “use this template” button. This template is a clone of the “Funnel Drop” quest and is fully playable as-is.
  2. Update the files to support your new quest, following the quest development guidelines
    • Use the documentation to modify the quest metadata and the logic of the steps (See the Building Your Quest section).
    • Make sure to modify the id in quest.yml and specify a unique quest identifier.
  3. Upload your quest to Wilco and test it in Snack (See Uploading and Testing Your Quest section).
  4. When the quest is ready, click the submit for review button. Check out the Review Process and Submission Guidelines for more details.
  5. Once a quest is approved, it will automatically be published to the Wilco Quest Catalog and become available to all Wilco users.

💡 To publish a quest only to users from your company, you’ll need Wilco for Teams. Learn more here.