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Submitting your Quest for Review

When you submit a quest for review, it is important to include a README file that includes a general overview of the quest and the textbook solution (including all required action and code snippets required to complete the quest).

For your convenience, we’ve prepared a Quest Submission Checklist you can use to make sure your quest is ready for review.

Quest Review Process

  1. Once you have submitted your quest for review, you will receive an email confirming that your request has been received.
  2. The Wilco team will review the quest you will receive notification of the quest’s approval status within seven working days. During this time, your quest will be displayed in the Wilco Developer Quests page with Status “In Review” a. If the quest approved, the quest will be published to the Wilco Quest Catalog. The status of your quest will be changed to “Published” b. If the quest in not approved, you will receive a list of the required changes. Once these changes have been implemented, you will be able to upload the updated version of the quest and re-submit it. The status of your quest will be reverted to “Draft”.

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