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Type: Action

Create a new branch on the user’s repo. The new branch is created using a branch in the quest’s start repository and using the same rules.


  • branchName: The new branch’s name.
  • startRepositoryBranchName: The branch name in the quest’s start repository.
  • message: The commit message to show when adding changes to the new branch.


No additional info is added to the global payload outputs.

Usage Example

- actionId: github_create_branch
    branchName: 'fix/app-crashes-on-load'
    startRepositoryBranchName: 'steps/app-crahes-on-load-step'
    message: 'Fix crash that happens when app loads'

The github_create_branch action is used to create a new branch called fix/app-crashes-on-load on the user’s repo. The branch will be created using files found in the branch steps/app-crahes-on-load-step in the quest’s start repository.

Relevant Triggers

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