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  • Step: A task that usually represents a single user interaction.
  • Quest: A series of connected steps that represent a complete scenario for users to go through. A typical quest will have 2-5 steps.
  • Trigger: A system event caused by the user. Examples: new chat message, PR opened, form submitted, etc.
  • Action: A change in the user’s state in reaction to a trigger. Examples: advancing to the next step, approving/rejecting the user’s PR, sending a message from the bot, etc.
  • Conditions: A way to check the user’s state. The state can be the text a user entered in the chat, any piece of information attached to the trigger (e.g., PR Status), or information from a 3rd party service (e.g., env var value in K8s)
  • FlowNode: When a step starts or triggers are recognized, a Flow will begin. A single element in the Flow is called FlowNode. A FlowNode is a combination of actions and conditions.
  • GitHub Actions: Commands executed as part of the GitHub workflow during PR checks.