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Marketing Your Quest

You’ve gone through the effort of designing and developing your quest, great! Now it’s time to get it out to the world. By being part of the Wilco quest catalog, your quest will get exposure to Wilco’s users.

When you submit your quest for review, the Wilco team will also assess your quest for additional promotional activities that we have available, such as a case study or spotlight that will be shared on Wilco’s blog, newsletter, website, social and community.

Having a quest gives you an opportunity to showcase your development skills to the world while helping people upskill themselves. There are multiple ways you can share the word about your quest with the world.

What you should share:

  • The quest page - each quest has its own dedicated page that includes a direct link to the quest. This will allow anyone who signs up through this page to go directly to your quest after their initial onboarding is complete.
  • Your profile page - you can think of your profile page as a portfolio page, this shows not just the quests you’ve built , but also your bio, your skills and your other Wilco accomplishments like quests completed including their PRs and achievements.
  • Social Share
  • Wilco promotional material about your quest - if you are selected for one of the abovementioned promotional opportunities, we encourage you to share the assets created with your

How to promote your quest:

  • Blog - if you have a blog, writing a blog post about what the quest is about and why you chose to create the quest can be a great piece of content to catch developers attention. Be sure to include a section on the blog for “what is a wilco quest” and add a link to your quest page. You can send us your blog post once it’s live and we’ll be happy to promote it on our channels.
  • Social - be sure to tag us @trywilco and we’ll do our best to retweet you.
  • Your Network - it’s always best to start with your friends, family
  • Influencers and content creators - you can reach out to influencers, thought leaders and content creators who are relevant to the domain your quest is on, and ask them to try it out and possibly spread the word.
  • Open source communities
  • Reddit - if you’re an active user on Reddit then creating conversations about your quest…
  • Discord communities - depending on the topics, skills, and technologies you can find many discord communities that have a relevant audience…
  • Hackernews
  • Press coverage - while in most cases press coverage isn’t likely for this type of content
  • Press release for SEO distribution
  • Podcasts