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Keeping Your Quest Up to Date

To ensure that quests in the Wilco platform remain functional, it is important to regularly maintain and update them as needed. Additionally, you will need to update the tech stacks supported by your quest periodically when new languages and frameworks are added to the Wilco platform. This will ensure that your quest continues to work properly for all Wilco users.

Providing Support for Users

If a user needs assistance to complete your quest, they will reach out to Wilco’s Support team and we will forward their question to you. Therefore, it is important to include an email address for Support issues in your quest’s README file. We will never give users your direct email address. Please note that if you have not provided a specific email address for support issues, they will be sent to the email address that is linked to your Wilco user account.

Handling Bugs

If there are any problems with your quest, you need to fix them within three business days or Wilco may suspend it.

Deleting Quests

If you want to delete a quest, you need to let the Company know in writing. We can approve or reject your request to delete the Quest at our discretion, however as a general rule, we will try to block new users from using it within 7 business days and delete it within 90 business days. Even if the Quest is deleted, Wilco may still use its name, content, and details to show it to users who have already participated in it.